About us

JSC “LABDENT” – it is a dental laboratory whose main activity is the construction of various denture production and processing technology to the individual orders. In the dental laboratory "Labdent” works highly qualified, experienced, with good knowledge and technologically-trainned dental technicians. In the production of denture are used and applied the highest quality materials and the latest technology.
Dental technology laboratory “Labdent” manufactures dentures not only for the current customers, but also offers collaborations for the other Lithuanian and European dental clinics. In proposing cooperation with our company, we also offer You not only the highest quality of work, accuracy in producing personalized dentures, but also a sincere desire to share the experience and the opportunity to improve together.

JSC “LABDENT "dental laboratory offers a wide range of manufactured denture:

Metal-ceramic crowns and denture bridges

Metal-free ceramic crowns (pressed)

Crowns and denture bridges on a zirconium oxide framework

Alloy crowns and denture bridges with plastic trim

Plastic crowns and denture bridges

Temporary protective plastic crowns

Arc supported dentures with different locking system (hooks, locks, telescopes)

Dentures on implants

Dental inlays and onlays

Plate (full, partial)

Thermoplastic denture (plate, arc supported dentures)

• Bruxism splints, splints for sport people